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We shoot a series - and only with the smartphone!

A project by Dietmar "Cosmo" Schneider from Berlin.

The series is called "Mother Nature Strikes Back". It is set in a community of dropouts in the forest somewhere in Germany. Everyone has their quirks, but also special powers, such as the ability to communicate with bees.

The community is threatened by an investor who wants to cut down the forest to build an ecological luxury settlement there for rich people. Other conflicts arise among the inhabitants. Love, power, money. One day a discovery is made that no one would have expected...

Action, mystery, soap, comedy - the series has parts of everything. There is philosophy, but also kung fu.


Episode 1 was created in summer 2022

Subtitles for German, English and Polish you can set via the gear icon


Episode 2 is in preparation, here photos from the shooting


See the characters (so far german only)


Anyone can participate, from experienced actors to beginners. What role would you like to play? What are your special powers? What are your quirks? Are you one of the residents? Or to the opponents (investors, fund managers, politicians)? Here you can be anything you want!

Filming will take place in Berlin and in the Uckermark region. It will be published on Youtube and other channels.

Mail to: star@moafilm.de

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Whats in it for you?

The joy of being creative and creating together. To deal with the subject of film and acting in a joyful way. Not consuming, but producing something. Growing from the challenges, learning something. Becoming a Netflix star one day. Annoyed by bad series? Here's where you can do better!

Who has invented it?

Dietmar "Cosmo" Schneider has taken acting lessons and has often been on stage, much also in improv theater.

Stations were the "Pianola-Theater" under Bernd Hildebrandt and the "Theater Ziegelschiff" under Hans Chiout, as well as in Berlin the "Bühnenrausch" and the improtheater group "Die Glückskekse".

He wrote scripts for a TV series on PRO 7 for three years. For years he has visited eco-villages. In 2022 he participated in the German-Polish film workshop series "Terry Tales".

He is also copywriter and worked for advertising agencys. His humor was well liked there. For example he wrote funny radiocommercials.


Contact by email: star@moafilm.de

Hier geht es zur deutschen Version